Participando en la Exposición: Latin American Photography: Realities of Poverty and Social Identity / Sacramento, California - U.S.A.

The exhibition is entitled Latin American Photography: The Realities of Poverty and  Social Identity. The show displays photographs that serve as examples of how art can Intervene on behalf of those who are ignored or forgotten by society. We have chosen  the topic of poverty in Latin America with the intention to explore the power of art in healing social inequity, by creating awareness of how people are marginalized by the depravation of basic needs. With this intention, we offer a new perspective on the recurrent impoverishment of this international region by showing poverty as a long-established life style. These photographs show the spirit, attitude and courage with which the Latino characteristically manages to deal with every day life, regardless of limitations. The importance of acknowledging this life style is to construct a Latin American identity based on reality, as opposed to a denial of the marginalized and of the subjugating conditions under which most people of the region live.

The exhibition offers the Californian community the opportunity to experience art that reflects realities beyond their own by showing the consequences of inequity experienced by people distant and different to them. It intends to help promote awareness and consciousness about the true situation of the region, and subverts stereotypes, which  fracture multi-cultural societies. Through their photographs, a group of artists will show a Latin America beyond the exotic to reveal the life of people who live in distressing situations; a lifestyle shaped by more poignant forms of social violence such as hunger, prostitution, and displacement resulting from the turbulent historical, political and social development of the region.

The problem of poverty as a form of marginalization is a worldwide phenomenon that perpetuates inequality and has a demoralizing effect in all countries and cultures. Thus, Latin American Photography: The Realities of Poverty and Social Identity is intended for a diverse scope of people as it serves to further understand about one specific region of the world.

Participating artists are: Aaron Sosa, Gilda Peréz, Jeronimo Artega, Joaquín Sarmiento, Pedro Abascal, Jean Piero Sanchez, Luca Tronci, Tomas Castelazo, Juan Manuel Barrero, Jan Sochor, Mads Greve, Meridith Kohut, and Vladimir Marcano. 

The show will open December 2nd, 2011 and will be hosted by the Library Gallery at Sacramento State University. Opening reception Dec. 2nd from 5PM-8PM.

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