Photography Contest RealTime

We live in an era dominated by time. It transforms how we relate to each other, shaping our reality. We devour our daily life with bites that are relentlessly measured by a clock that always goes too fast.

Transmit through images what time means to you and how it interferes in your daily life. Capture in an instant the passage of time and participate in our contest.

Date of participation: from 01/07/2011 to 31/10/2011

The selection of images will be made by a qualified panel of judges made up of professionals in the photography area.

- Miguel Moya (Spain) Professional Photographer and Founder / Editor of f8 Magazine.
- Aaron Sosa (Venezuela) Professional Photographer and Representative of Blipoint in USA and Latin America.
- Daniel Patiño Flor (Ecuador) Photojournalist and Director General of the Documentary Project “The New Citizens, BarcelonaLatina”

The Blipoint team and f8 Magazine wish you luck!

Legitimization to take part:

• They can participate people major of 18 years old and people under 18 who are relying on express authorization of their parents or legal representatives, and once they are known and accepted by the participant the conditions of registration, protection of information, intellectual property, and all those other conditions that, with general character, should be additionally considered necessary for the participation of the users in Blipoint.
• For technical reasons the participants of the contest will have to be registered in Blipoint.
• In order to participate, only entries sent to the following email address will be accepted: contest@blipoint.com
• Color and Black and White works will be accepted. Photomontages and any type of exaggerated intervention will not be accepted.
• Each contestant can participate by sending a minimum of (8) and a maximum of (12) images. Photo essays and reports will be accepted provided that all of the images tell a story related to the contest’s concept.
The images should be identified in the following way: 001_Jhon_Smith, 002_Jhon_Smith, 003_Jhon_Smith, etc.
It is important that you send us the story in the correct order. The same will be evaluated by the panel of judges in accordance with this order.
• In addition to the images, an explanatory text regarding the project and a brief CV summary should be sent.
• Only digital images will be accepted, that aren’t larger than 1 MB, and they must be sent in jpg format – 72 dpi and a size of 900 pixels on the longest side of the image.
• The winning participant agrees to send the images in high resolution so that they can be published in the magazine.
• By sending your images, you are automatically confirming that the copyright belongs to you and that you are authorizing f8 Magazine and Blipoint to promote, publish, and circulate your work in the different media. At all times the credits will be shown on your images.
• From 08/11/2011 on, there will be a qualified panel of judges that will select the winning work; the same will be published in f8 Magazine.
• In the case that your work is selected for publication, you will be contacted via email. From that moment on, you will have a maximum of 4 calendar days to send us the image in higher resolution. We will let you know the required size in the email that we send you.
• On the present bases, you accept that no commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint will violate any personal right or any property right of any third one (including, without limitation, the author’s copyright and brand rights). Also, you accept that no commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint will be slanderous, obscene, harassing, improper or illegal, and that you remain as the only responsible for the contents of any commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint.
• Competitors who fulfill the established conditions will receive an e-mail from Blipoint asking them receipt of Participation Request. They will be able to raise questions and doubts they have regarding the development of the contest to the same address: contest@blipoint.com
• Blipoint, as the organizer of this contest, saves itself the right to modify at any time its conditions, including the dates of the contest, even its whole cancellation, before the closing date of the contest, providing that there was a valid reason, and promising to notify with sufficient anticipation the new bases, conditions or, if necessary, the definitive cancellation.
• In the supposition that Blipoint was an object of any claim, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third part and based on possible infractions of the rights of intellectual property or image of those third part, derived from the utilization on the part of Blipoint of the images contributed by the participant, this one will assume all the expenses, costs and indemnifications that could stem from such judicial actions, answering in front of Blipoint or in front of that third ones, as it corresponds.
• In case the present promotion was remaining suspended by reasons of major force, Blipoint will remain exempted from any responsibility on the same one.


·The winner will publish their work in the digital magazine f8 Magazine www.f8mag.com / Publication Online.
·The winner will be interviewed, and this interview will accompany the publication of his/her work.
·The winner will be granted a one year membership as a Premium User in Blipoint www.blipoint.com